Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coffee and beauty

For everyone to know the delicious taste of coffee is good, and some beneficial effects on our bodies because it is something exceptional antioxidant and almost unavoidable in the morning for many people. Have a coffee in the Office is a perfect break that will not only satisfy the palate of workers and improve their productivity after a short break, but the coffee machine for the business environment became a center of social life together, promoting dialogue and exchange of views between colleagues.

Studies have shown that coffee is the perfect place to preserve and enhance the beauty of the allies. Therefore, to have a coffee, you not only enjoy the aroma and taste, but it will bring other benefits. Coffee is one of the main allies of the skin, because it has anti-inflammatory properties because of the high levels of caffeine, which helps shrink the blood vessels, thereby reducing the number and size of wrinkles. For the same reason he favors the disappearance of swelling and redness of the derivatives. And finally, he thought that it may become an important weapon to fight against the sensitive skin and rosacea.

But in addition, caffeine is one of the biggest destroyer of cellulite that exists in nature. It is estimated that favors decreased while in the size of the fat cells, which allow a greater loss of water, which can be seen in the loss of unsightly orange peel. Finally, recent studies have shown that coffee helps to prevent the spread of skin cancer.

It is for those reasons that make one or two visits to a coffee vending machines on each weekday, far from danger, can be really useful for custom health.

A perfect espresso from good brand

Enjoying coffee is a delicious way to start the day or take a short break in the working day. Enjoy the aroma, flavor and a special energy that gives this drink is definitely a good idea to rest on a day-to-day stress that seems endless. Therefore, the presence of coffee vending machine at work helping to improve morale and productivity of their workers.

Today the myth that coffee vending machine does not produce quality coffee is really justified. Several factors contribute to solve this myth, the fulfillment of which allows the perfect espresso flavor:

Coffee vending machine: technical developments in this direction is close to perfection. It currently has full control of the ideal conditions to prepare the perfect amount of coffee and water pressure, temperature, etc

Not all machines are the same, believe good brand of the manufacturer guarantees and lending experience to handle all of the details as in the case of Lavazza.

Raw materials - coffee: No matter how good the quality of the coffee machine if not impossible to get a perfect espresso. With the advent of capsules, has achieved a breakthrough in quality, can preserve all the characteristics and properties of coffee, flavor aroma, freshness, etc .. fresh and freshly ground coffee. Also not all capsules are the same, there are many types and qualities of coffee, coffee quality and should be used very carefully in capsule packaging process with a protected atmosphere, such as Lavazza capsule system ensures perfect Italian espresso.

Maintenance of the vending machine: The machine requires installation, maintenance and replacement. Should be reviewed periodically and clean and maintain the optimal operating conditions, filling the whole, the capsule coffee, milk, cups, stirrers, etc ... they are not broken or damage. To do this, you should choose a good seller services company that is committed to provide the necessary services.

Coffee machine, perfect coworkers

The best companies spend a lot of resources to make your workplace optimal space for development. Carefully choose your location, decorations, including the spatial distribution studied in a way that encourages visual harmony and encourage productivity.

The coffee machine is also taken into consideration when analyzing the productivity of labor in the company. According to the Human Performance Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

"Once the coffee break, help increase labor productivity, making communication between employees generated and help create a good working environment."

One of the most important elements in our work is our coffee machine. It is a place that allows us to charge a battery and maintain our health. Although for many of us, much more.

This is a faithful co-workers who accompanies you in the days long and difficult days. It makes you see things in a different perspective, relieve fatigue and help you see things in a more positive attitude. Thanks to coffee, change our attitude, we are more active, more spacious and have more energy to handle each project.

Grab a coffee and exchange views, make it clear to return to work. This is the perfect excuse to talk to the boss, say something to the couple and even answer the questions that you have not had a chance to ask. When coffee made us to use lighter, closer and human tone, because we are in a relaxed and even though we talk about the work we do in a way that is different and fun.

Coffee machine becomes, instead of meeting and exchange of ideas and experiences. It is the perfect place to find out what other departments, to encourage the employment relationship and allows us to talk about work or other aspects of a more relaxed way.

When performing global distribution office, we consider where we will put our coffee, because it will witness a lot of conversation and smiles.

This distribution is important because if we choose a good place, we can get different departments joined doing there job to promote synergy and networking.

Monday, January 19, 2015

The best espresso coffee maker

With espresso coffee maker you get coffee cream with foam and scents are very good, like those who serve us in restaurants and bars, although of course it will depend also on the type and quality of coffee you prepare.

If you consume coffee regularly and do the espresso coffee maker for your account, you can leave the coffee a year by one-tenth of what it would cost you take capsules or coffee bar.

We will then say the best espresso coffee makers on the market today in our opinion and consideration you should take into consideration when choosing one.


Espresso coffee milk is absorbed by the rubber inserted into milk cartons or containers to the place, and emit heat and foaming nozzle on the other. That is one of the most important thing when choosing a coffee maker espresso is pressure.

The pressure measured in the coffee bar and this is what will determine the coffee foam and creaminess. Most of the market model has 15 bar pressure.

Automatic or manual

Espresso machines can be manual or automatic. There is also a semi-automatic, with which you will need some skill to use them properly.

Manual can set the amount of water that must be punished, while coffee automatically set yourself the amount of water is poured into the Cup.

Usually, the manual is the most commonly sold because they are much cheaper and with the necessary knowledge, allowing everyone to set the amount of water You want to dispense coffee. However, as has been said to own fully automatic coffee maker set the number of cups and the amount of water that will be used, so they are more expensive, it becomes an absolute dream to big coffee has one of these.

Automatic coffee maker normally takes about 2 minutes to reach the temperature required for preparing first Cup, and from there it takes about 15 seconds between cups.

Water tank

It is important to use water that is clean and fresh for a change of taste and aroma of the coffee. Remember that 99% of preparation consists of water, it is a good quality. If you are using the tap, rather than letting a few seconds before moving on to the pan. About how the temperature, the water should be almost to a boil. The water tank on the machine is removable and can have a capacity of 1-3 litres.

Other considerations

The coffee grinder in its latest models and allows adjusting the grind and can always use quality coffee beans without the laboriosoa task must grind it myself before.

Cup warming technology is a system that is found only on a few models of espresso machines, and tasks to heat the cups on the same temperature of the coffee, so it stays hot longer.

Other issues that you should consider to buy a good espresso coffee maker are:

* Robust and replaceable Parts

* Thermo and quality filters

* Ease of use

* It is adjusted to the type and size of different coffee

* Make it easy to clean

Two interesting options

1. Philips Saeco Espresso Coffee Hd875311

Preparing the coffee machine with fresh ground coffee with a good aroma and cream igualable good cafes, Yes, you should buy a good coffee beans. This includes the grinder and it makes some really nice cappuccino.

She wears an integrated automatic milk functions and can adjust the intensity and temperature of the coffee is brought.

It has a capacity of 1.5 L water tank and automatic system of the crust.

2. Mocha Espresso Coffee 999.300 Cm1622

This is a compact manual and easy to clean, but very comfortable and were able to quickly heat water for coffee: coffee take as a bar.

The fact is that it makes a creamy frothy coffee excellent, always and when you guess the grind of coffee and the amount of water you use.

Steam pipes and causes the function Cup heater, with a capacity of 1.25 L of water tank.

What is the best espresso coffee maker?

No doubt and if your budget permits, we recommend that you stick with the Saeco Espresso, because you get a coffee made with professional machines and have the freedom to pick coffee beans you like, which together facts from the coffee machine, in our opinion makes luxury.

In addition to the money, this is our automatic espresso coffee maker choices, it's hard to beat by other models in this range. She is currently priced at under € 500, really cheap in our opinion, because of the same model are on high basntante price.

If you drink coffee will often know how expensive it can get out of this little treat in the long term. Investment in the Saeco espresso coffee is a good idea to minimize expenses You did not remove themselves from a delicious coffee.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Coffee is an excellent analgesic for pain in the Office

Often working in the Office hours can be long and tiring. Those are the days when, as much of the work done, as the day progresses, we begin to appreciate the body affected by a different pain, workers see how they suffer from their backs, shoulders and eyes, all caused by the accumulation of after hours at the computer fatigue. And to combat these symptoms, there is nothing better than taking a good coffee, as long as you have enough coffee vending machines in the company.

On the one hand, it has long been known that coffee contains free radicals that act as antioxidants that are good, so the fight against ageing and encouraging flexibility and agility of the joints, which promote good working achievement.

But in addition, recent studies have shown that, when making periodic visits to the vending machine coffee also serves as a good analgesic for pain caused after long hours at the computer. Shoulders, arms and wrists supports the effects of this therapy, which emerged after taking just one cup of this delicious infusion. Demonstrated by a study recently published in the journal BMC Research Notes, and conducted by a team of scientists of Norway.

This analgesic effect of coffee so join other great benefits that we commented on this blog, as pointing to delay onset of Alzheimer's, reduces stress, helps control the flow of intellectual overweight or inactive in the morning. And all this we can add one more, it's hard to measure but anyone who has been using a suitable machine in coffee vending company or Office could certainly prove that it's true: a break to take a good coffee in a moment of relaxation in the workplace increases employee socialization, resulting in improved performance, good for rest and relaxation that are currently obtained, for improvement of mood and mood were observed.